JetFlex® TD tube diffuser (TD-Series)

JetFlex® TD tube diffuser (TD-Series)
JetFlex® TD tube diffuser (TD-Series)

The Jäger TD tube diffuser series also combines cost effective design, low installation and maintenance costs, reliability and performance in intermittent and continuous aeration processes.

TD tube diffusers additionally offer a wide range of advantages:

  • Different types of perforations according to the operating conditions
  • Precise die cut openings for high oxygen transfer efficiency and low head loss
  • Low head loss due to grooved PP-support tube
  • Realisation of high diffuser density possible
  • Active length from 200 – 1200 mm with standard length of 500 mm, 750 mm and 1000 mm
  • Standard diameter of 65 mm and 90 mm
  • Mounting resp. assembling possible onto round and square tube headers
  • Various standard and special membrane materials: EPDM, Silicone, PUR, NBR and FKM
  • Versatile connection options for plastic and steel pipe by a comprehensive range of accessories

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